Martha's Vineyard Savings Bank

Trust and Asset Management
Wealth Management Managing and preserving your assets can be challenging and that's where we can help. Many individuals and families turn to us for expert guidance. Our Trust and Asset Management  professionals are ready to work with you to develop a plan that is customized for your goals and lifestyle. We have a long history of providing reliable, unbiased advice and offer a high  level of integrity and personalized service that you can count on for your asset management needs.

Trust Services
When it comes to protecting and transferring assets, trusts are among the most valuable tools available to you. Within certain limits set by law, trusts allow you remarkable flexibility in how you use and disburse assets while living and after death. A trust can help you control your financial
destiny by:

  • Reducing taxes
  • Providing for your family, friends and/or charities
  • Supporting an elderly relative
  • Creating future security for disabled loved ones
  • Keeping your personal financial matters out of the public eye
  • Transferring assets to a younger generation
  • Simplify your life

The Financial Group Trust Officers, in their fiduciary capacity, ensure that your account is administered according to your desires or consistent with the terms of your governing instrument. We understand that being a trustee requires the technical experience of objectively interpreting documents and implementing tax sensitive strategies. We do so, however with respect for your intentions and a compassion for the unique nature of each client's family and their circumstances.

As your trustee, we are legally bound to follow your instructions to the letter. Our skill in trust administration ensures that you and your beneficiaries will receive professional asset management and comprehensive administrative services of the highest quality.

In addition to acting as trustee, Martha's Vineyard Financial Group offers a full array of estate settlement services. As executor we have the experience to handle both the technical and complex issues that arise in settling an estate as well as sensitivity in meeting your family's needs during difficult times.

Asset Management
Managing an investment portfolio can often be a full-time job - and you may not have the time or the motivation to do it as well as it should be done. What's more, you instinctively understand how important it is to have an investment strategy that is tailored precisely to your needs and goals.

It takes a lot of effort and dedication to choose investments and to track their performance. And not everyone has the time or the confidence to manage an investment portfolio. That's where we come in. Our team of experienced professionals:

  • Sit down with you and learn about your needs, your hopes, and your plans for the future
  • Talk with you about your current financial situation and what it is you wish to achieve with your investments
  • Determine your ability to tolerate investment risk
  • Design a personalized investment plan for you

Then we'll go to work on your behalf. Our professionals can offer you a range of investment and administrative services that can free you up to concentrate on doing what you want to do.

At Martha's Vineyard Financial Group, investment decisions made by our team of professionals are always:

    Disciplined. We identify opportunities in up and down markets and act on them quickly to keep your portfolio earning the best possible returns in all types of investing climates.

    Fact-based. We do careful research before we make recommendations. We look for proven investments that fall within your risk tolerance guidelines.

    Unbiased. We help you choose the securities that are right for you, based on our understanding of your needs and goals. We do not let any other factors or considerations distract us from this objective.

    Performance-oriented. Your financial welfare is our primary concern. We focus our efforts on making sure our relationship with you is productive, satisfying and built on trust.

Products and services made available through Martha's Vineyard Financial Group are not insured by the FDIC or any other agency of the United States and are not deposits or obligations of nor guaranteed or insured by any bank or bank affiliate. These products are subject to investment risk, including the possible loss of value.